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Brake Dust is difficult to clean and if left on your rims too long will

permanently ruin your premium rims. Dust Braker is designed to make cleaning away brake dust simple and easy.




 We formulated Dust Braker with city dwellers in mind and for home  owners who like to care for their rims year round. No garden hose, no water near by, too hot, too cold outside, in a rush but need to have the best shiny rims for your date, all no problem with Dust Braker. Just spray on and wipe to a brilliant shine, even in a tuxedo. No fuss, no mess, clean all four rims in 10 minutes and leave the best shine possible.


   Cleaning away brake dust with Dust Braker with its special Green formula for top end chrome and alloy wheels is the quickest way to shiny rims.



   If water and a water hose is no problem for you, then you can add a capful of Dust Braker to a bucket of water and dip a car brush in the solution, brush your rims, rinse and watch the brake dust disappear. Remember, brake dust is corrossive a health hazzard. Be sure to ware gloves when cleaning brake dust and avoid contact.



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   We created Dust Braker because we were tired of all the hype and broken promises from the makers of spray on and rinse off brake dust cleaners.


  Lets face the truth, they all require a second application or a brush or rag to remove all the brake dust in corners and elsewhere. Many will damage your rims if left on too long. Many of us also live in a city with no access to a garden hose.


  Dust Braker is a one application spray on and wipe off brake dust cleaner. If you are going to have to use a brush or rag anyway, why waste the time spraying and rinsing and then get the brush or rag out and do all four wheels twice or be worried about damaged rims from using spray on and rinse off products. Dust Braker is a one application process, spray wipe -- Done!


  A three in one Rim cleaner that Cleans shines and protects in one easy step. Use Dust Braker the best rim cleaner any where any time!


> No water?

> No time?

> No car wash near?

> Car wash charges extra?

> Truck driver on the road?

No problem

Spray on Wipe off




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No water hose no suds, no mess.

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How about getting all four rims this dirty cleaned and shined in less than 10 minutes and no mess to clean away. Anywhere anytime even in your garage or in a parking lot while waiting on someone.





Dust Braker is versatile, you can also add a capful to a bucket of water and brush away brake dust and rinse with water, leaves  a brilliant shine.









                         Before                                                   After

  Months of brake dust gone in just 2 minutes, without water, what a Rim Cleaner!

  And no chemical residue or contaminated water left over to clean up or end up in our water system! 


       Your auto rims are an investment, protect it with Dust Braker so that brake dust and acid based rim cleaners will not eat away at the surface of your rims and wheels and dull the finish forever, thus reducing the resale value of your car. Since the elimination of asbestos as a brake pad liner with the current black sticky substances used today, your rims are now vulnerable to the corrosive effects of Brake Dust which must be removed frequently to avoid damage to your rims.


     Dust Braker's unique PH neutral formula cleans, shines and retards further brake dust build up in one application, saving you time and money.


    See for your self, one application of Dust Braker will speak for itself. See what the buzz is all about, you won't believe how easy it is to remove brake dust and what a shine it leaves.


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    Dust Braker the best way to remove brake dust from your chrome or allow rims.


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